About Bone Density Ultrasound screening tests . . .

 We provide an approximately 30 minute consultation using painless, radiation free ultrasound technology. Results are immediately available.
Your operator will print your results and explain them in detail.
 A follow-up plan might be recommended.
(Reimbursed by most comprehensive medical aids)

MiniOmni Portable Ultrasound Bone Density Ultrasound:

✔ No need for the patient to undress

✔ Ultrasound test, No ionizing radiation
✔ Scan can be performed by anyone
Early Detection of Osteoporosis
✔ Scan either adults or children
✔ Immediate printed report
✔ Small, lightweight, compact, portable
✔ Most affordable, clinical test for osteoporosis

          Manufactured by world industry leaders in healthcare technology -

BeamMed (www.BeamMed.com)